Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Violin

Here are some pictures of the fiddle I recently finished making. I had a lot of help from Will Bartruff, and from my friend Chuck Thomas (he lent me the Stroebel book), and also from a local apprentice, Sam Barker.

One of the things Will pointed out to me is that the strings are supposed to lie over the saddle on the tailpiece, not under the tailpiece, as I have it in these photos. So, I have since restrung it. Sam checked my sound post and confirmed what Will also told me: it is too close to the bridge. He tried to reset it, but I have it a hair too long. Those are some of the improvements I am still making, in addition to thinning my neck a little bit more.

But it sounds great, and you can see how it has turned out. Prior to beginning this project, I had never handled a real violin in my life. Now I am learning how to play it.

I'll be working on a couple more instruments in January.


Christy said...

Wow! I'm impressed. Very cool

Kate said...

We Wheelers are also impressed. Did you do that in your basement?
You guys have a magical basement, all we have is a ping pong table.

Peter McCombs said...

Yes, our magical basement... unfortunately, my half of the work table has overcome Jodi's half, and I generate enormous amounts of sawdust and wood chips.

It's not a great workshop, but it works.