Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Letter to the Senator

Dear Mr. Senator,

I am writing in regards to the recent Senate Bill S.3688, Introduced by Senator Harry Reid. As you know, this bill is designed to provide "bailout" funds to the US automakers, or more specifically, to "automobile manufacturers and component suppliers that have [...] operated a manufacturing facility for the purposes of producing automobiles or automobile components in the United States[.]"

I am writing to tell you that I oppose using American funds to maintain any corporation, US or otherwise, if it means propping up the present status-quo. In addition, I do not consider companies that maintain significant foreign operations to be "US" corporations in any practical sense. Foreign multinationals, even if they consider themselves US corporations, should never receive American money as a matter of principle.

While I feel no compassion for corporations, I am sympathetic to those fellow Americans whose jobs are on the line because of the present crisis. In fact, the managers and pencil-pushers that have no part in the physical production of useful goods reap the highest rewards from the profits. They have now failed even in their sinecure, and are of no further use to the workers who depend on them for their living.

If taxpayer money is to go to these companies, I would like to see it happen only under the following conditions:

1) That foreign operations shall cease. Automobiles are for the convenience and necessities of actual people, not for profit. American cars should be produced where they are most efficiently consumed, that is, on American soil.

2) That the corporations shall cease to be publicly traded, and that once they have been set aright, shall be returned to the hands of those who operate the factories and produce the goods. According to our theory, those who create property also own it. It is an injustice to place ownership of these things in the hands of investors who care little about the goods produced, other than as a means for profit. Such contracts should be discouraged in America.

When healthy and skilled men and women - who live in a land of plentiful resources - find themselves at the mercy of panicked investors and greedy executives, they can not be Free. America has failed them.

We are now confronted with the unprecedented opportunity to return to sanity. We can return to the America where individuals once relied on their own ingenuity, on their local communities, and on the good graces of Providence to thrive on this abundant land. A Free people must never become dependent on "other people's money" lent at usury, nor on the Invisible Hand of a fickle Wall Street, nor on the benevolence of Leviathan.

We have traded our American Dream for the American Illusion, which is the belief that renting from the bank at interest is the same thing as owning property, and that work for hire is just as good as directly owning and profiting from the produce of our hands. Thus a core value of American Democracy has been eroded, i.e., the proper and proportional ownership of private property.

Please use this opportunity to help Americans instead of corporations.

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